Research Data Management and Security Ad Hoc Working Group

Working Group Charge

The working group will use a case-based approach to establish an extensible framework for federal data management plans to include addressing data security compliance. Researchers can use this IT security plan template to meet varying federal requirements for securing Protected Health Information.

Working Group Membership

Neil Bahroos (Chair)
Michael Kirda
Phil Reiter
Bob Sandusky
Himanshu Sharma
Clyde Wheeler
Edward Zawacki

Working Group Status

  1. Phase I is complete with the preparation of a mapping template for the project focusing on “moderate risk” data management parameters.
  2. Phase II, which includes identification of the security controls required to protect “moderate risk” data, is complete.  These required controls—physical, technical, administrative—are being mapped currently to existing campus IT security policies.
  3. Phase III is underway with implementation of this template within an actual researcher’s grant environment.