Data Management/Data Curation Ad Hoc Working Group

Working Group Charge

  1. Complete a needs assessment to prioritize and sequence the development of DM/DC services, including helping people who are writing a data management plan.
  2. Specify requirements for, select, deploy, and operate one or more research data repositories for UIC, and recommend tools to support DM/DC throughout the data lifecycle.
  3. Identify existing and develop new programs to promote awareness of and knowledge of general and discipline-specific best practices for research data management and curation.

Final work plan to include tasks, scope, priorities, sequence/timelines, evaluation/metrics, costs/funding models, governance model.

Working Group Membership

Steve Brantley
Andy Boyd
Abigail Goben
Phil Reiter
Bob Sandusky (Chair)
Himanshu Sharma
Ed Zawacki

Working Group Status

The working group has commenced a needs assessment phase – what do we know/have, identify gaps—and will then begin the second phase with data gathering for planning.