Research Committee


Research efforts across the University of Illinois in a wide variety of disciplines increasingly depend on a robust and sustainable research-computing environment. These resources include technical support staffs who work directly with researchers as well as computing resources such as cutting-edge networking, high-performance compute clusters, large-scale data storage, stewardship of data, specialized consulting, and other services. Other support includes improving research administration processes so more grants can be applied for, awarded, and administered with less effort.


  • Provide access to cyberinfrastructure systems for faculty and researchers to support computation and data-intensive research capabilities; for example, meet high performance networking needs of researchers, provide easy access to high performance computing and increased access to compute cycles, and provide ubiquitous, high-capacity data storage.
  • Provide access to contemporary and innovative cyberinfrastructure services for faculty and researchers to support computation and data-intensive research capabilities.
  • Improve IT systems and services that support research administration and institutional stewardship of research data.
  • Provide improved continuous communication and education for researchers in the University system to increase awareness of the computing resources available and to facilitate communication between research groups.



Name Dept
Henrik Aratyn LAS
Jacqueline Berger OVCR (IT)
Kelly Block SAVP for AITS/CIO
Andrew Boyd (Chair) AHS
Barbara Corpus OPRS
David DuBois SPH
Karen Dunn Lopez AHS
Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom UIC CIO
Andy Johnson Engineering (CS)
Teresa Johnston OVCR (IRB)
Colleen Kehoe OBFS
Kimberly Lawless Education
Lindsey McQuade College of Pharmacy
Bob Sandusky Library
Himanshu Sharma ACCC
Elizabeth Tarlov Nursing
Daria Tsoupikova CADA
Annette  Valenta AHS
Min Yang LAS (MSCS)
Ed Zawacki CISPO
Ping-Shou Zhong LAS

YearChair ElectChairImmediate Past Chair
AY12Annette Valenta
AY13Annette Valenta
AY14Ugo BuyAnnette Valenta
AY15Ugo BuyAnnette Valenta
AY16Henrik AratynUgo Buy
AY17Henrik AratynUgo Buy
AY18Andrew BoydHenrik Aratyn
AY19Andrew BoydHenrik Aratyn