IT Governance Council

The ITGC is the principal group that drives the IT governance process.  The functional crosscutting committees (EducationResearchInfrastructure and Security, and Administration) report to the ITGC, and in turn the ITGC reports to the Provost. It advises the Provost and the campus CIO.

The ITGC can request information, assign tasks, request reports, evaluations or proposals from the committees and throughout the campus. Conversely, the committees can create or submit their own proposals and recommendations to the ITGC.

The responsibilities assigned to UIC’s ITGC are to recommend and monitor:

    • IT Policies
    • Strategic Directions
    • Resource Allocation
    • Collaboration
    • Standards and Procedures
    • Transparency
    • Performance Measures

The purpose of the ITGC is to:

    • Create a process for evaluating and prioritizing major IT initiatives.
    • Administer the overall campus IT governance process.
    • Evaluate and recommend the creation, adoption and implementation, changes or updates of IT policies.
    • Improve communication of IT policy.
    • Ensure that information is available on the IT hardware, software and services available at UIC.
    • Provide adequate and appropriate education, research, and administrative IT services and infrastructure.
    • Evaluate and recommend IT funding levels, models and mechanisms.
    • Evaluate the profile of the purchase of commodity IT hardware and software and make recommendations.
    • Ensure that core services are provided in a robust, reliable, efficient and consistent manner.
    • Ensure that UIC users are supported in a coordinated manner through IT decentralization, department contributions to IT services, and collaboration among centralized IT services.
    • Evaluate and make recommendations for IT to improve IT training and professional development opportunities.
    • Create a UIC IT strategic plan that aligns with UIC campus priorities.
    • Coordinate the development and publication of college-level and campus-level IT plans and performance measurements.
    • Develop governance practices that clearly differentiate and assign responsibility for governance, service delivery and departmental roles.
    • Ensure that the planning and governance process is recurring with appropriate performance measures and regular reviews for effectiveness.
    • Ensure college-level IT is able and encouraged to make optimal use of central IT services.
    • Ensure that the governance model will leverage the information assets of UIC, reduce expenditures and improve operations.
    • Ensure that an effective program is in place to manage the relationships between IT providers and the constituents that make up the UIC community.
    • Provide necessary IT support for cross-campus programs.
    • Work with Hospital and UTMT on IT-related issues.

This list will be reviewed periodically to ensure relevancy.

The ITGC should aim at developing a shared service model that contains the elements of price transparency, service culture, good business process, standardization, continuous improvement and responsiveness, while providing an environment that encourages innovation and leadership in technology at all levels.


Name Dept
TJ Augustine UIC VCI
Kelly Block SAVP for AITS/CIO
Martina Bode Education Committee Co-Chair
Andy Boyd Research Committee Chair
Mary Case Library
Frank Cervone InfraSec Committee Chair
Sandra De Groote Faculty Senate
Bill Hayward Budget and Resource Planning
Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom UIC CIO
Kim Rivas Education Committee Co-Chair
Dale Rush Administration Committee Chair
Clark Stanford (Co-Chair) Dentistry
Astrida Tantillo (Co-Chair) LAS
Steven Van Poucke ACCC – Chief of Staff
Ilir Zenku Health Affairs