Web/CMS Subcommitee


To serve as the campus central information gathering and advisory group on matters of Web technology, development, publishing and support. To provide two-way communication and collaboration channels about internal-facing and external-facing new media projects across campus.


  • Assess the campus needs for a Content Management System(s)
  • Recommend a CMS or multiple CMS for the campus
  • Propose a plan for the implementation, management, and support of the recommended CMS
  • Develop a model for new media project collaboration and management


Name Dept
Edward Campbell ACCC
Kimberly Charles (Chair) Public Affairs
Debra Hale Academic Communications
Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom UIC CIO
Leo Klein Academic and Enrollment Services
Alina Mackenzie ACCC
Therese Molina JACSW
Todd Nelson AITS
Vishakha Patangay Campus Auxiliary Services
Eric Pitt VPHA
Jason Richards School of Public Health
Ebonie Saunders College of Medicine