PC Standards Working Group

(Desktop and Laptop Standard Configuration Working Group)


In early 2011, an initiative was begun under the AR&R program to look for ways to reduce the cost of procuring computer equipment while also maintaining a high level of quality. The result was a team of representatives from all campuses and university administration charged with finding a solution to best leverage our volume to obtain the lowest total price with the purchase cost. The first stage is creating standardization of the purchase of desktop computers and laptops.

Campus IT Professionals have worked to create standard configurations for desktop and laptop computers that meet the needs of most users. The configurations provide to units greater cost savings, ease of ordering, and speed of ordering. The working group meets periodically to update the standard configurations with current technology and the needs of our users.


Ramon Castillo
Richard Chua
Barry Goldstein
Craig Jackson (Chair)
Michael Kirda
Michael Lund
Jason Maslanka
Andre Pavkovic
Hiba Sweiss
Barry White
Matthew Willis


  • Ongoing