Infrastructure and Security Committee


The Infrastructure and Security Committee is the most technical of the committees. It will recommend services and service levels that should be offered by central IT. It will also function as a technical steering committee for the ACCC Security Office and the overall effort to ensure legal compliance with HIPAA, PIPA and other relevant laws. Finally, it will work with the UTMT CAV for University infrastructure policy and design.


  • Create and maintain inventory of IT services, including college-level activities
  • Define essential core services and prioritize service levels
  • Evaluate and recommend funding models for core services
  • Evaluate, recommend and possibly initiate major projects for infrastructure improvements
  • Work with similar committees at other University campuses
  • Develop and evaluate performance measures for infrastructure and security
  • Act as steering committee for ACCC Security Office


Name Dept
Chris Barton AITS
Ashok Bennett CBA
Kelly Block SAVP for AITS/CIO
Lalo Camacho LAS
Frank Cervone (IPC) SPH
Julio Chavarria Honors College
Jelene Crehan ACCC
Dean Dang ACCC
Sandeep Dath Admin Services
Ron Fernandez Engineering
Mark Goedert ACCC
Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom UIC CIO
Miguel Martin OVCR
Jason Maslanka CAS
Doug McCarthy COM
Matt Miller CAS
Therese Molina JACSW
Jahnvi Patel CUPPA
Andre Pavkovic Medicine
Daniel Paz-Horta AES
Esteban Perez ACCC
Kirsten Pielstrom Audits
Dan Pollack Pharmacy
Kevin Price Web Accessibility
Ateeq Rahman AES
Bala Ramaraju Nursing
Shannon Reden Graduate College
Phil Reiter (Interim Chair) Pharmacy
Ernesto Reyna Education
Elizabeth Romero ACCC
Vinay Surpuriya Dentistry
Pedro Valencia AHS
Steven Van Poucke ACCC
Esther Verreau Library
Ron Versetto LAS
Jody Whisnant JMLS
Barry White Pharmacy
Mat Willis ACCC
Ed Zawacki CISPO
Ilir Zenku Health Affairs

YearChair ElectChairImmediate Past Chair
AY12Mike Kirda
AY13Phil ReiterMike Kirda
AY14Phil ReiterMike Kirda
AY15Jason MaslankaPhil Reiter
AY16Jason MaslankaPhil Reiter
AY17Frank CervoneJason Maslanka
AY18Frank CervoneJason Maslanka
AY19Frank Cervone
AY20Sarah RitchFrank Cervone