LMS Governance Board


The Learning Management System Governance Board (LMSGB) is a subcommittee appointed by and reporting to the ITGC Education Committee, created to improve the performance, reliability, and overall suitability of centrally managed Learning Management Systems for use by UIC.



  • Recommend to the ITGC Education Committee regarding long-range planning and priorities for the LMS
  • Advise ACCC on needs and operational improvements regarding the LMS and support
  • Approve major functional changes, including upgrades to new LMS versions and installation of major LMS modules


  • Create policy regarding planned outages for upgrades. This should include standing outage windows for routine maintenance and longer outages for major changes
  • Advise ACCC regarding data retention policies
  • Create communications policy regarding emergency outages
  • Create communications policy regarding major planned upgrades


  • Enhance multi-way communications between ACCC, the ITGC Education Committee, and the teachers and students who use the LMS
  • Gather and distill general user opinion regarding the use and improvement of the LMS, on an ongoing basis
  • Communicate directly with the user community regarding major changes to the LMS and in solicitation of user opinion
  • Advise and assist ACCC in communications with the user community regarding LMS features, training, best practices


Name Dept
Kheir Al-Kodmany CUPPA
Max Anderson COM
Jonathan Art (Chair) Graduate College
Kate Aument Pharmacy
Frank Cervone SPH
Lisa Cushing Education
David Halsted LAS
Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom CIO
Marius Horga ACCC/ITL
Lee Katman COM
Michael Michela Business
Nancy Norman Dentistry
John Orzechowski BHIS
Rebecca Raszewski Library
Elizabeth Romero ACCC/ITL
Janette Salamanca Maldonado Continuing Studies
Alana Steffen Nursing
Dolly Weber LCLC