Instructional Technology Services and Support


Technologies that support the creation and sharing of content between instructors and students and among students are recurrently supplanted by new and sometimes radically different technologies. Previously state-of-the art technologies often become obsolete. Having appropriate and up-to-date tools impacts presentations in classes and developments in curricula. The Instructional Technology Services & Support Subcommittee is charged with developing a systematic strategy for the review and evaluation of technologies and services that are available to instructors and students. Such a strategy will likely include literature scans, outreach to peer and aspirational campuses that might have already adopted technologies under consideration, and reviews of existing instructional technologies already in use on our campus.


Josh Naylor (Co-chair)
Michael Prais (Co-chair)
Babette Neuberger
Valerie Prater
Ernesto Reyna
Ernesto Duran
Francis Schlemmer
Michael Scott