CCTL Organizational Structure Subcommittee


The “Structure” Subcommittee is charged with considering how the Center will function in relationship to existing units on campus that also serve to advance the mission of teaching and learning at UIC, and with proposing a new organizational model.  There are approximately 10 existing units. Which ones will remain independent? Which ones will be folded into the Center? What will be the authority of the Center over the budget and services of existing units?  The committee will need to weigh the pros and cons of centralization vs decentralization of teaching and learning support on campus. As a starting point, the committee will review the June 2012 “Evolution of a Proposal” document, particularly page 4, section titled “Reorganizing Instructional Support on Campus.” The committee will also have as a resource a matrix of existing units. 


Valerie Prater
Anthony Marino
David Taeyaerts
Corrine Calice
Mike Lund
Michael Prais