Basic Principles for Teaching with Technology

The Education Committee recommends these basic principles to support evidence-based approaches to teaching with technology. A bibliography is also available.


Faculty and instructors may not utilize or make optimal use of available instructional technologies in their teaching, given limited time to investigate effective applications of technology in traditional, blended and online settings. As such, this subcommittee will research and recommend basic principles of instructional design to guide teaching faculty and instructors in selecting pedagogically sound technologies for a variety of environments and applications. Furthermore, the subcommittee will delineate key proficiencies for implementing instructional technologies currently available at UIC (e.g. Blackboard, classroom response systems, lecture capture).


Annie Armstrong (co-chair)
Abbas Hyderi (co-chair)
Max Anderson
Kate Aument
Ashok Bennett
Ron Fernandez
Jack Fisher
Dave Halsted
Phyllis Hayes
Babette Neuberger
Tom Okon
Jack McEnery
Valerie Prater