Hire Touch Task Force Subcommittee


Hire Touch is an application that is required to implement the hiring process for almost all positions in the University. It is used on all three campuses, by faculty and staff. Since it was introduced in 2010, Hire Touch has received mixed reviews. In gathering feedback from committee members about challenges with administrative processes and systems, the hiring process and using Hire Touch has emerged as a common theme.

Preliminary feedback shows that a lot of the problems may be attributable to a combination of factors other than the functionality of the application itself.  These other factors may include communication, training, organizational issues, staffing, and how the application was implemented on the UIC Campus.  The primary charge for the Task Force is to discover how well Hire Touch is functioning and how many of the perceived problems are the result of these other factors and how many are due to the functionality of the application. The next step for the Task Force is to provide recommendations to improve the usage (other factors) and for modifications and upgrades to improve the application. The Admin Committee will consider these recommendations and add or modify.


Richard Alpern (Chair)
Jaclyn Finch
Tony Kerber
Jack McEnery
Al Schorsch
Todd Van Neck
Aaron Walz


December 2012 – Hire Touch Report approved by Admin Committee

January 2013 – Hire Touch Report approved by ITGC

Next Steps – Distribute Hire Touch Report to relevant parties