Research 10.06.16 Minutes


Annette Valenta, Himanshu Sharma, Colleen Kehoe, Jaqueline Berger, Clyde Wheeler, Teresa Johnston, Andy Boyd, Ugo Buy, Allen Randall, Dick Harris, Heather O’Leary, Bob Sandusky, Min Yang, Sandy De Groote

  • Promoting Research at UIC
    • Overview of the Problem
      • Concern expressed about the reporting of research results
      • Noted that press releases are sent out
      • Suggested that more internal promotion and more prominent research presence on the UIC website are needed
      • Suggested that OVCR has been showcasing research on their website
    • Possible Solutions
      • Suggested that the committee should take action on getting UIC to showcase more research on their website
      • Suggested to look at peer institutions and how they follow up on press releases
      • Suggested that the issue would be brought up to the faculty senate, particularly, the senate research committee
      • Sherri McGinnis Gonzalez will be invited to attend a meeting to discuss press releases
      • Suggested a letter regarding the website be drafted to send to the Provost
  • Open Issues
    • NSF Big Data
      • NSF has come back to UIC for more information
      • Goal to be operational by February
    • NSF Networking
      • Waiting to hear back on proposal
  • Planning for AY17
    • Themes
      • Suggested that the committee return to creating subcommittees
      • Data Stewardship was mentioned as well as the need to finalize the work that has been done
      • A document listing themes for potential charges for subcommittees was shared
      • Next step would be to meet, discuss what can be done, and work through proposal process
    • Data Stewardship
      • Suggested that work from two years ago could be pulled into a proposal quickly
      • Bob Sandusky will chair the subcommittee and pick up where they left off
    • Research Computing Infrastructure
      • Questioned whether or not this should be another subcommittee
      • Noted that there is already a Research Computing Executive board focued on specific projects
      • Suggested expanding the group and/or creating subgroups for other issues
      • Support for digital humanities scholarship will be included in this section
      • Noted that the main problem is outreach
    • Human Infrastructure/Human Networking
      • Questioned whether or not SciVal will be shared with whole campus
      • Noted that a meeting was coming up, but the main issue is funding
      • Suggested that this theme is also about growing a network of people around research topics
    • Issues of Funding
      • Suggested a group brainstorm ideas on how to address funding issues
      • The difficulty of finding participants was noted, as well as the need for representation from across campus
      • Suggested a need to follow up on the HPCC proposal sent forward last year
      • Suggested a faculty-led group to look ahead at grants
    • Strategic Planning
      • A retreat for the committee, deans, and research centers to come together and discuss research needs for campus was suggested
      • Noted that a focus for all groups should be outreach
      • Discussion of potential retreat
  • Open Access Policy
      • Noted that the policy applies to all current Faculty members as defined by the Statutes
      • Aside from NIH, twelve other federal agencies are requiring deposit into open access platform
      • Suggested educating the campus on how to comply
      • Email to be sent out to faculty requesting articles for those who need to comply
      • Noted that faculty can send email to or upload immediately to Indigo
      • Waivers can be applied for
      • Discussion of entire procedure and specific concerns

Research 05.05.16 Minutes


Ugo Buy, Andy Boyd, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Henrik Aratyn, Jacqueline Berger, Barbara Corpus, Min Yang, Coleen Kehoe, Ed Zawacki, Andy Johnson, Michael Hites, Daniel Touchette, Karen Dunn Lopez, Neil Bahroos, Dick Harris, Heather O’Leary

  • ACCC Rate and Funding Plan
    • Concern was expressed about the effect of self-sustaining services on research
    • ACCC is changing to a plan that charges units by FTE for a basic bundle
    • Suggested that the bundle includes services that everyone on campus needs
    • Discussion on which services would be covered by this new plan
    • Discussion on encryption costs and options
    • Suggested that the ITGC push for a central solution
    • Further discussion of other self-sustaining services that may affect research
  • New Business
    • Bandwidth Limitations on Internet Use by Faculty
      • Suggested that 6GB of bandwidth per day limit did not suffice all research faculty members
      • Suggested that exceptions can be made if faculty members request to be added to the unlimited bandwidth program
      • Suggested that, in the fall, the committee set up a mechanism for members to disseminate relevant information to their colleges
    • Institutional Support for Sharing Research Data
      • Concern was voiced about having support for sharing data and how to maintain these services on campus
      • Further discussion on best practices in sharing data and how the committee should address the issue
    • High Performance Computing Cluster Proposal
      • Suggested that the provost liked the proposal, but cannot fund it
      • The committee will continue to search for funding

Research 03.07.16 Minutes


Ugo Buy, Youngwook Song, Henrik Aratyn, Bob Sandusky, Allen Randall, Colleen Kehoe, Kim Lawless, Himanshu Sharma, Geen Tomko, Jackie Berger, Clyde Wheeler, Rich Minshall, Dick Harris, Karen Dunn Lopez, Neil Bahroos, Andy Boyd, Annette Valenta, Heather O’Leary

  • Updates and Announcements
    • Secure HPCC Proposal
      • Proposal has been sent to the provost and has been requested to be sent to the OVCR and DCHA
    • HIPAA
      • The covered entity for the HIPAAA Privacy and Security Official for U of I is being reviewed
      • The goal is to identify affected units by org code in order to automate the process of identifying who needs encryption
      • Discussion of existing HIPAA policies and the work being done to expand them
    • START myResearch
      • A presentation was given on the history and current status of the START myResearch project
      • Discussion of what has been done so far, with a focus on the RNUA application
      • Further discussion of IRB and project progress
      • Discussion of business manager role in the PI portal and related concerns
      • Discussion on the research portfolio, concerns, and work being done
      • A brief demo of the portal was then given
      • Members were encouraged to log into the portal to see what is available
    • Data Stewardship
      • Policy Discussion
        • Discussion on a research grant and data requirements and how to address new requirements in university policy
      • ITGC Data Governance Committee
        • Provost Poser made some suggestions on how the committee’s form and function
        • Discussion of how to address data concerns while waiting for group to launch
      • Data Science Initiative
        • This new initiative has been undertaken by three colleges: Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, and Engineering
        • Center is being built for data science research
        • Meeting went well, attendance was good, and interest was broad
        • There were concerns about infrastructure

Research 01.07.16 Minutes



Ugo Buy, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Allen Randall, Karen Dunn Lopez, Annette Valenta, Jackie Berger, Colleen Kehoe, Henrik Aratyn, Andy Johnson, Houshang Darabi, Barbara Corpus, Andy Boyd, Daniel Touchette, Dick Harris, Michael Hites, Heather O’Leary, Sara Hall, Bob Sandusky, Neil Bahroos

  • Information Items
    • Secure HPCC Proposal
      • Revisions were made and the revised proposal was presented to the Council who approved it, but suggested that it go, not only to the provost, but to VPHA and OVCR for review and potential funding
      • Discussion on how HPCC would function as well as funding options and what courses would use HPCC and it was suggested that additional information be sent to the provost.
  • Meeting Times for Spring 2016 Semester
    • Doodle Polls will be sent out to accommodate schedule conflicts
  • Data Stewardship
    • Concern was voiced about NIH and NSF guidelines regarding data access and suggested that new policies be created to address this and it was suggested that this may be a concern for the new Data Governance committee
    • Discussion on types of research and data affected as well as on infrastructure needs
    • Some of the new requirements and other possible changes were outlined and looking into NPRM was suggested

Research 12.03.15 Minutes



Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Allen Randall, Ed Zawacki, Jackie Berger, Houshang Darabi, Clyde Wheeler, Colleen Kehoe, Andy Boyd, Ugo Buy, Andy Johnson, Dan Touchette, Bob Sandusky, Kim Lawless, Annette Valenta, Dick Harris, Himanshu Sharma, Bill Hendrickson, Henrik Aratyn

  • Secure HPCC Proposal
    • Introduction
      • An introduction to the proposal was given with note to there being a great deal of interest in securing HPCC
      • Stated that there is a need on campus to analyze high-risk and sensitive data which would help UIC procure new talent and do research
      • Suggested that the proposal could serve as a basis for grant proposals as well as demonstrate campus involvement
    • Discussion
      • Stated that staffing needs should be clarified as well as including HIPAA knowledgeability as a requirement
      • Discussion of importance to campus in creating a secure environment as well as intent to make environment self-sustaining as well as adding the cost of self-sustaining staff
      • Suggested to look for other grants that could be relevant to the project which led to discussion of possible funding services
      • Suggested that the proposal’s need to include everything needed
      • Concern about including VA as a collaborator as well as about security beyond the usual firewall
      • Discussion of security
    • Vote
      • Motion passed on proposal
  • Next Year
    • 2016 Priorities
      • Suggested that S-HPCC proposal concludes committee’s work for the year
      • Suggested that the committee look forward and consider which topics to look at
      • The committee will be working on increasing membership
    • Data Governance Committee
      • Suggested that the committee come up with proposals
      • Discussion on role and structure of this new committee, particularly in light of federal data policies

Research 11.05.15 Minutes



Cynthia Herrera-Lindstrom, Allen Randall, Colleen Kehoe, Henrik Aratyn, Karen Dunn-Lopez, Bill Hendrickson, Annette Valenta, Clyde Wheeler, Ed Zawacki, Bob Sandusky, Ugo Buy, Kim Lawless

  • VM and Clinical Data
    • ACCC Rate and Funding
      • Stated that the secure research environment was being tested and would soon be available for use and a web interface that would be used to access data collected from the environment was discussed
      • Charges related to rate and funding of the project as well as involvement of IRB and ORPS were discussed
      • Discussion on whether or not students would be able to access web interface and privacy of data on each machine
      • Concerns on security and protocol for data removal on machines were voiced
      • Suggested that a new service for data backup interface be provided rather than updating the old one
      • Discussion on communications plan
      • Possible changes to ACCC services were noted
      • Proposal for HIPAA and FERPA Compliance in HPCC
      • Suggested to have high-risk and sensitive data analyzed, transferred, and stored on a new infrastructure
      • Noted that the proposal would have to be ready for approval by the next meeting
      • Suggested to add another technical staff member for HPCC
      • Discussion on infrastructure needs and costs
      • Suggested to create a joint proposal with InfraSec
      • Discussion on how to draft proposal with a suggestion of using CUPPA
  • Old Business
    • Data Governance Committee
    • This fifth committee was discussed
  • New Business
    • NSF Grant
      • Suggested that Himanshu Sharma work on the proposal
      • Expanding HPCC was discussed