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Chart depicting relationship between various UofI IT committees

Introduction to ITPC

The Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC) process provides a common approach to solicit, review, prioritize and execute administrative information technology projects involving University Administration (UA) information technology resources.


The ITPC process monitors administrative IT initiatives from project inception through the end of a project’s life cycle.  The process authorizes both labor and financial resources for selected projects. ITPC covers administrative technology projects that:

  • involve resources from a University Administration unit
  • involve campus based units that plan to offer an administrative system for the entire campus
  • interface with an enterprise system or
  • seek funding from the central pool of administrative information technology dollars allocated by the Academic Affairs Planning Council


The ITPC evaluates administrative IT initiatives from project inception through the end of a project’s life cycle.

The ITPC includes representatives from multiple subject areas, University Administration and the campuses.

The ITPC will forward recommendations for the largest initiatives to the Academic Affairs Planning Council (AAPC), which makes the final approval decision.

The ITPC has formed five functional subcommittees that make recommendations for projects that fall within their respective domains:  Student | Finance |Human Resources | Business Intelligence/Performance Management (BI/PM) | Cross-functional

Process Overview

  • The ITPC process solicits, reviews and provides oversight for administrative IT projects at the university.
  • Any university staff member may submit a project proposal for evaluation.
  • Project proposals are reviewed on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Approved projects are moved into a scheduling queue for execution.
  • Projects are scheduled based on the prioritization of the ITPC and subcommittees and the resource availability of the executing units.
  • Information regarding project overviews, schedules and status are available on the ITPC website.

Relationship to Campus IT Governance

  • ITPC governs enterprise administrative systems.  Many of these systems are areas of discussion for campus ITG groups.  For instance, campus ITG may have interest in improvements to student systems, Banner, finance, or HR systems that are under ITPC purview.
  • A number of members serve on both ITPC and campus ITG to improve collaboration, communication, and understanding of user needs.
  • ITGC may propose projects that would be executed via the ITPC process.  The ITPC welcomes this input into the process.

Recent Posts

Research 12.06.18 Minutes


Andy Boyd; Jackie Berger; Henrik Aratyn; Ping-Shou Zhong; Steven Van Poucke; Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom; Andy Johnson; Ed Zawacki; Himanshu Sharma; Alex Phistry; David DuBois; Lindsey McQuade; Karen Dunn-Lopez

  • Discussion Items
    • NIH S10 Proposal
      • Noted that comments came back and funding will not be given
      • A brief background on what the S10 is was given and it was suggested that UIC plans to resubmit in May
      • The reviewers’ notes were gone over
      • The specifics of what was missing from the proposal were mentioned
      • Discussion on the type of data being considered for this proposal
    • External CIO Report
      • A summary of the oral report from the External CIO Review was given
      • The concerns and suggestions from this review were mentioned
      • Noted that one of the suggestions was for a Vice Chancellor of Innovation to be hired, and that position was filled by TJ Augustine in mid-November
      • Minor discussion on MRI and internal proposals
  • Subcommittees
    • Institutional Stewardship of Data
      • No update at this time
    • ACER
      • Suggested that ACCC supports ACER staff and will continue to do so, but funding is still needed to support some of the operations and basic infrastructure going forward
      • A brief overview of the accomplishments had by ACER in the past five years was given
      • Discussion on funding needs
      • Discussion on UIC storage and research needs
  • Old Business
    • Research Needs for EPIC Electronic Health Records
      • Suggested that UIC is going to have many official walkthroughs for research
      • Noted that EPIC will be coming in January
      • Suggested that research is committed and there is support
    • Follow-Up with OVCR
      • It was mentioned that the VCR is visiting in the Spring and it was suggested that there will be a follow-up with the new VCI
    • HUBzero
      • Suggested that this software looks promising and it was noted that other HPC sectors have started offering it
      • Noted that more time is needed to gather information and an update will be shared at a later date
    • Cambridge Structural Database
      • Suggested that three units are willing to put up money for part of the contract, but there is still an effort to find additional funding
      • Suggested that this platform needs a sustainable finding model which will charge stakeholders based on use
    • Software Sharing and a Need to Host or Coordinate
      • Noted that there was a conversation with Urbana on their Research IT Portal which hosts all information for researchers in one place
      • Noted that Urbana’s IT Portal includes what resources, including trainings, are available
      • Suggested that Urbana uses this portal as a discovery tool
      • Discussion on Urbana’s process and effort in creating this tool
      • A similar effort currently being done within the Education Committee was noted
      • It was asked if any documentation on Urbana’s Research IT Portal be sent to the Research Committee via the listserv to see if there is anything directly applicable to UIC for a stronger proposal going forward
      • Discussion on next steps in creating a proposal
  • New Business
    • NSF MRI Proposals
      • Suggested that this is a mid-scale research infrastructure
      • Suggested that the preliminary proposal is due February 19th and those invited to submit will be asked to submit by May 20th
      • Suggested that these proposals fall into two categories: implementation and design
      • A background on what these proposals should include was given
      • Suggested that proposals must be centered among scientific ideas but mainly focused on infrastructure
      • Noted that it may be up to this committee to facilitate initial discussions or indicate potential users
      • Discussion on the NSF MRI Proposals
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