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Chart depicting relationship between various UofI IT committees

Introduction to ITPC

The Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC) process provides a common approach to solicit, review, prioritize and execute administrative information technology projects involving University Administration (UA) information technology resources.


The ITPC process monitors administrative IT initiatives from project inception through the end of a project’s life cycle.  The process authorizes both labor and financial resources for selected projects. ITPC covers administrative technology projects that:

  • involve resources from a University Administration unit
  • involve campus based units that plan to offer an administrative system for the entire campus
  • interface with an enterprise system or
  • seek funding from the central pool of administrative information technology dollars allocated by the Academic Affairs Planning Council


The ITPC evaluates administrative IT initiatives from project inception through the end of a project’s life cycle.

The ITPC includes representatives from multiple subject areas, University Administration and the campuses.

The ITPC will forward recommendations for the largest initiatives to the Academic Affairs Planning Council (AAPC), which makes the final approval decision.

The ITPC has formed five functional subcommittees that make recommendations for projects that fall within their respective domains:  Student | Finance |Human Resources | Business Intelligence/Performance Management (BI/PM) | Cross-functional

Process Overview

  • The ITPC process solicits, reviews and provides oversight for administrative IT projects at the university.
  • Any university staff member may submit a project proposal for evaluation.
  • Project proposals are reviewed on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Approved projects are moved into a scheduling queue for execution.
  • Projects are scheduled based on the prioritization of the ITPC and subcommittees and the resource availability of the executing units.
  • Information regarding project overviews, schedules and status are available on the ITPC website.

Relationship to Campus IT Governance

  • ITPC governs enterprise administrative systems.  Many of these systems are areas of discussion for campus ITG groups.  For instance, campus ITG may have interest in improvements to student systems, Banner, finance, or HR systems that are under ITPC purview.
  • A number of members serve on both ITPC and campus ITG to improve collaboration, communication, and understanding of user needs.
  • ITGC may propose projects that would be executed via the ITPC process.  The ITPC welcomes this input into the process.

Recent Posts

Admin 10.22.18 Minutes


Catherine Abed, Dimuthu Tilakaratne, Jim Pierce, Montanee Wongchinsri, Anthony Marino, Dale Rush, Annabelle Clarke, Monica Tith, Stacie McCloud Williams, Tony Kerber, Linda Naru, Aaron Rosenthal, Cynthia Cobb, Eric McMinoway, Nilton Garcia, Therese Molina, Alex Phistry, Kathleen Engstrom, Colleen Kehoe, Brian Shim, Mike Harner, Stephanie Dable, Gloria Keeley

  • ITPC Update
    • My UI Financials Phase Two
      • Suggested that this project has been closed and performance issues are being looked at
    • Employee Training
      • Mentioned that ethics training is being rolled out
      • Suggested it was off to a rough start, but work is being done with a vendor to ensure the infrastructure can support the load
      • Noted that the ethics office re-opened the ethics training and have progressed nicely
      • Suggested that the ethics office I still working with other areas and looking at other types of training to add in
      • Suggested that the ethics office is looking to add more types of training after the first of the year
      • Noted that OBFS is currently utilizing the training for their development program, and payroll and benefits are looking to utilize that system as well
    • My UI Financials Phase 3
      • A slight change in scope was mentioned
      • Suggested that a tableau dashboard will be added
  • New Business
    • University-wide Ticketing System
      • Noted that the ticketing systems have been being updated and evaluated
      • It was asked if the committee saw any potential benefits for a university system-wide ticketing system
      • A survey that went out to all IT contacts which consisted of which systems are being used, the status quo, etc. was mentioned
      • Suggested that the feedback from that survey is being evaluated to determine if needs are being met or not
      • Committee members indicated their units utilizing a ticketing system
      • Discussion on ticketing systems within and outside of IT needs, what they are being used for, etc.
      • Suggested that this new system-wide ticketing system will hopefully be used for both IT and non-IT needs, but for now the primary focus and representation is on IT organizations
      • Noted that the timeline goal is to have a substantial presentation for the IT Leadership team by December
    • OBFS Reporting Subcommittee Presentation
      • An overview of this subcommittee and the work they have been doing was presented
      • Noted that this group is focused on sharing information and is composed of volunteers from a wide variety of units
      • Suggested that this subcommittee has created a website that is linked to the OBFS site and what is included on it was gone over
      • Suggested that access to reports can be found on their website or through EDDIE
      • Discussion on what can be found on the reporting subcommittee’s website versus EDDIE
      • Discussion on reports
      • Mentioned that this effort is in collaboration with the AITS Decision Support
      • Mentioned that this group created a moderated listserv
      • Suggested that the goal is to help foster peer-based discussions, collaborations, resource sharing between colleges and departments, and sharing of best practices, tips, and tricks
      • Noted that this group conducted a needs-assessment survey and the results were shared
      • The FY18 accomplishments of this group were gone over
      • Goals for FY19 were gone over, which included adding new reports and updating existing reports
      • Discussion on developing standard reports, types of reports and data sharing
    • Advanced Analytics Platform
      • A presentation which mentioned an approved draft ITPC proposal was shared
      • Suggested that the approved proposal will go to the main ITPC for approval by December
      • Noted that the university currently has great reporting and visualization solutions
      • The progression from initial reporting to advanced analytics was gone over
      • The desire for a business-friendly model was stressed
      • Suggested that some ways to make differences are by building a shared, easily accessible model, becoming aligned with the strategic framework, and improving the overall student experience
      • Suggested that the ultimate objective is to ensure long-term financial sustainability
      • Example use cases were gone over
  • Old Business
    • Banner 9 Update
      • A Banner 9 upgrade in effect as of October 14th was mentioned
      • Noted that AITS is still adding things to their Banner web page and training is still available
      • Suggested that Banner 9 works easily, though there were minor issues that are being fixed
      • It was asked who is responsible for making sure trainings and jobs are updated
      • Suggested that OBFS is handling many issues on the finance side
      • It was asked which process is being used to determine what will be created using the tableau dashboard
      • A previously built tableau dashboard was mentioned
      • It was suggested that the idea is to imbed the previous dashboard into My UI Financials
    • Source to Pay
      • Work being done to impose implementation strategies and the desire to pursue dedicated resources were mentioned
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