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Introduction to ITPC

The Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC) process provides a common approach to solicit, review, prioritize and execute administrative information technology projects involving University Administration (UA) information technology resources.


The ITPC process monitors administrative IT initiatives from project inception through the end of a project’s life cycle.  The process authorizes both labor and financial resources for selected projects. ITPC covers administrative technology projects that:

  • involve resources from a University Administration unit
  • involve campus based units that plan to offer an administrative system for the entire campus
  • interface with an enterprise system or
  • seek funding from the central pool of administrative information technology dollars allocated by the Academic Affairs Planning Council


The ITPC evaluates administrative IT initiatives from project inception through the end of a project’s life cycle.

The ITPC includes representatives from multiple subject areas, University Administration and the campuses.

The ITPC will forward recommendations for the largest initiatives to the Academic Affairs Planning Council (AAPC), which makes the final approval decision.

The ITPC has formed five functional subcommittees that make recommendations for projects that fall within their respective domains:  Student | Finance |Human Resources | Business Intelligence/Performance Management (BI/PM) | Cross-functional

Process Overview

  • The ITPC process solicits, reviews and provides oversight for administrative IT projects at the university.
  • Any university staff member may submit a project proposal for evaluation.
  • Project proposals are reviewed on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Approved projects are moved into a scheduling queue for execution.
  • Projects are scheduled based on the prioritization of the ITPC and subcommittees and the resource availability of the executing units.
  • Information regarding project overviews, schedules and status are available on the ITPC website.

Relationship to Campus IT Governance

  • ITPC governs enterprise administrative systems.  Many of these systems are areas of discussion for campus ITG groups.  For instance, campus ITG may have interest in improvements to student systems, Banner, finance, or HR systems that are under ITPC purview.
  • A number of members serve on both ITPC and campus ITG to improve collaboration, communication, and understanding of user needs.
  • ITGC may propose projects that would be executed via the ITPC process.  The ITPC welcomes this input into the process.

Recent Posts

Admin 05.22.18 Minutes


Kathleen Engstrom, Dale Rush, Jaclyn Finch, Eric McMinoway, Todd Van Neck, Mike Kamowski, Monica Tith, Robyn Velazquez, Stephanie Dable, Tony Kerber, Cynthia Cobb, Marla McKinney, Jon Santanni, John Fudacz, Alex Phistry, Aaron Rosenthal, Dimuthu Tilakaratne

  • Banner XE
    • Presentation
      • A presentation was given on Banner 9
      • The required reasons for the switch to Banner 9 were described along with an explanation on how it allows the university to stay with current regulatory changes and eliminates the need for a client-wide Java plug in
      • Noted that there is a much improved user interface with Banner 9
      • Noted that the functionality of Banner 9 will remain the same with added improvements
      • An introductory navigational video on the AITS website was mentioned
      • Also mentioned was Banner 9 and how it gives users a first look at how Banner 9 is more improved than Banner 8
      • A side-by-side comparison of Banner 8 and 9 was given
      • Using Oracle as an example, the changes and updates included in Banner 9’s forms were gone over
      • It was asked if the rollout would be in phases or immediate
      • Suggested that the rollout will occur on October 14th, which is a hard date with no changes anticipated
      • It was asked if other groups were consulted on the rollout date to be sure there will be no conflicts
      • Suggested that all appropriate departments were contacted and no conflicts are anticipated
    • Demo
      • A demo of Banner 9 was given, noting the different home page images for the differing universities
      • Noted that HR BPD codes will remain the same, while students will have different ones
      • New and improved search features were mentioned
      • Noted that functionality will remain the same, but that Banner 9’s look and feel have been updated
      • Multiple features as well as improvements to old features were gone over
      • It was mentioned that most forms are not introducing any new functionalities
      • Differences between basic and advanced filters were gone over
      • It was asked if data can be exported or downloaded in order to print
      • Suggested that exporting to a PDF would print the same way it displays on a screen, but that exporting to Excel could be trickier due to sensitive data
      • Noted that all form requests are reviewed and taken under consideration
      • Which web browsers will be supported was questioned
      • Suggested that most common browsers are supported and work well
      • The introductory navigational video and Banner 9 Playground on the AITS website were gone over
      • It was asked if the move to Banner 9 assures that the university will continue to use Banner
      • Suggested that AITS is still going over other options, but for now will continue to use Banner
      • Noted that Banner 9 is currently in the implementation phase
      • Discussion on who will have to undergo training
  • HR Projects
    • System HR / Nessie Redesign
      • The goals of Nessie and the HR website were described
      • Suggested that the new website is mobile friendly
      • Also mentioned that HR has created an app to make accessing features like the earnings statements easier
      • It was asked if users will still be prompted with Duo while using the new app
      • Suggested that if users are trying to access their earnings statement off campus, they will be prompted with Duo
      • The differences between the new and old Nessie websites and applications were compared
      • The updated user features of the new Nessie website were gone over
      • It was mentioned that a re-branding of Nessie and modifications to the HR website to add simplicity are being worked on
      • Noted that the old Nessie website has many redirects to the new site
      • Suggested that the anticipated date for all content to be moved is early July
      • Also suggested that Nessie decommissioning efforts will be done once all content has been transferred
      • The Nessie survey results were gone over
    • Employee Training Infrastructure
      • A brief update on the Employee Training infrastructure was given
      • The implementation process was gone over, noting the focuses
      • Suggested that the first target will be ethics training, and pilot training should be conducted sometime in June
      • Also suggested that the anticipated rollout for training and product instance is early fall, but marketing will be held off until new systems can be put in place
      • Suggested that some of the next sets of training being looked at are campus security and HIPAA training
  • UI, Architecture, and Visualization Standards Work
    • Presentation
      • A brief overview of the development and goals of ITPC were given
      • The current status of the User Interface Standing was gone over
      • Mentioned that AITS has been working on designing a common look and feel for their different interfaces
      • Suggested that AITS is trying to establish availability and usability with all applications
      • Examples of the websites redesigned by AITS, comparing their new similar looks and feels, were gone over
      • Suggested that the next step is to start designing the web standards website
      • Suggested that the goal in creating the web standards website was to create a repository for standards set forth by AITS and ITPC
      • Noted that the input for standards was mostly developed from AITS, but feedback to improve the standards is welcome
      • Noted that the standards are to be used more as suggestions than requirements
      • The status of AITS architecture was gone over, noting that the document was reviewed and updated in December 2017
      • The status of data visualization standards was mentioned, noting that they have recently updated and reviewed
      • Discussion of ITPC, the current AITS projects, and the functionality of particular systems from an end-user perspective
  • ITPC Update
    • Discussion
      • Suggested that the ITPC update is available in the Box folder for review
  • New Business
    • Logistics
      • Committee logistics that need to be reviewed and discussed will be handled in the near future
  • Old Business
    • Faculty Profiling System
      • Mentioned that this system is being worked on and will be further discussed at a future meeting
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