Research 05.03.18 Minutes


Jacquie Berger, Andy Johnson, Henrik Aratyn, Lindsay McQuade, Allen Randall, Colleen Kehoe, Ugo Buy, Teresa Johnston, Sara Hall, Min Yang, Ed Zawacki, Karen Dunn Lopez, Andy Boyd, Heather O’Leary

  • Discussion Items
    • NIH S10 Proposal
      • Noted that the grant proposal team has met with a number of leaders across the university
      • Noted that the new cluster will be housed in the ACCC RRB data center
      • Discussion of need for secure HPC to conduct research
      • Suggested that the secure cluster would save UIC money by preventing HIPAA breaches
    • IRB Concerns
      • Discussion of issues related to IRB
    • Review of UIC IT
      • Noted that there will be an external review of IT at UIC, led by two CIOS from other institutions
      • Potential questions were gone over and the committee was encouraged to give feedback
  • Subcommittees
    • Infrastructure/Human Networking
      • Requested that this subcommittee be put on hold
  • Old Business
    • Hospital Email Concerns
      • Suggested that the hospital has not gotten back to the committee for a meeting
      • Noted that the hospital is currently considering transferring their email to UIC’s Exchange, which would alleviate the problem
  • New Business
    • Chair for AY19
      • Noted that Andy Boyd will be taking over for Henrik Aratyn as chair in September