Research 02.01.18 Minutes


Ugo Buy, Himanshu Sharma, Jacqueline Berger, Lindsey McQuade, Bob Sandusky, Ed Zawacki, Colleen Kehoe, Andy Boyd, Karen Dunn Lopez, Elizabeth Tarlov, Allen Randall, Andy Johnson, Min Yang

  • Subcommittees
    • Research Computing Infrastructure
      • Noted that the subcommittee proposed to build a HIPAA compliant supercomputer for high performance computing last year
      • An overview was given on the smaller environment being worked on for the supercomputer
      • Discussion on High Performance Infrastructure for research
    • Institutional Stewardship of Data
      • Noted that an upgrade to UIC institutional depository is in the works
      • An overview on how the depository relates to the Research committee was given
      • Suggested that the subcommittee is looking at a product called figshare and gave a short description
      • The committee was asked if anyone would be interested in working with the library on developing policies on data usage for UIC
      • Discussion on figshare, data, and the depository
      • The VCR and questions that were sent in were gone over
      • Short discussion on the search and questions
  • Old Business
    • IRB Approval Process
      • Some changes regarding the Common Rule were mentioned
      • Suggested that OPRS would be reached out to for an update at the next meeting