Admin 06.27.17 Minutes


Cynthia Cobb, Kathleen Engstrom, Monica Tith, Jackie Finch, Therese Molina, Eric McMinoway, Christina Molitor, Mike Kamowski, Dimuthu Tilakaratne, Gloria Keeley, Todd Van Neck, Tony Kerber, John Fudacz, Dale Rush, Heather O’Leary

  • START myResearch
    • Presentation
      • A presentation was given which highlighted an overview of the project and benefits as well as the project timeline
      • Discussion of reports that can be pulled from the EDW
      • Suggested that reporting will be available once the EDW is built for that purpose
      • Noted that there is work being done on proposals
      • Discussion of reports available in PI Portal on proposal information
      • What is currently available and what projects are currently in process for Start myResearch were gone over
    • Communication
      • Suggested that there are faculty members involved in beta testing
      • Committee members were asked to join beta testing
      • Major milestones were asked to be presented
  • ITPC
    • Participation Overview
      • An overview of current ITPC projects was given
      • An update on capital projects was given
      • Discussion of increasing UIC involvement in Source to Pay discussions
      • Current and upcoming ITPC projects were gone over
      • Discussion of mandatory vs. customer requested project hours
  • Old Business
    • Meeting Time
      • July meeting canceled, will reconvene in August
    • Activity Recording System
      • An update on the current Activity Recording System was given
      • Discussion of updating courses, faculty access, and possible effects