Research 03.02.17 Minutes


Henrik Aratyn, Colleen Kehoe, Bob Sandusky, Rich Minshall, Sara Hall, Teresa Johnston, Himanshu Sharma, Jacqueline Berger, Sherri McGinnis, Allen Randall, Heather O’Leary

  • Public Affairs
      • Sherri McGinnis from Public Affairs spoke about the UIC website as well as the functionality of the new multisite
      • Suggested that the person who oversees the site attend the Research meetings to improve communication
      • Noted that CUPPA is the first college to transition to the new platform
      • Discussion of the sites uses and how to set one up
    • Research on UIC Website
      • Concern was voiced about OVCR not being included in the dropdown menu on the homepage
      • Suggested that the main goal of the site is student recruitment and departments are not included in the dropdowns
      • Discussion on updating the site more frequently and how to better highlight high-level research being done at UIC
    • UIC Today
      • Announced that Public Affairs will be launching an internal website called UIC Today
      • Discussion on what should be included on the main UIC website as well as the possibility of a link between UIC Today and the main site
      • Suggested to email the Public Affairs webmaster with any suggestions on what should be included on the UIC homepage
      • Further discussion of how to update the UIC homepage more often
  • Subcommittee Reports
    • Research Computing Infrastructure
      • Noted that Com Ed asked for access to high performance computing
      • Discussion on funding for the cluster
      • Discussion of need for a PI and other concerns about the grant
      • Further discussion of stakeholders and other funding needs
  • Old Business
    • Meeting w/Research Deans
      • Noted that several committee members will be joining a RAC meeting
      • Main goals of the meeting are to showcase what the committee is working on, increase communication, to increase representation on the committee
    • NSF Request for Info
      • Survey results will be compiled and sent for submission