Admin 12.16.16 Minutes


Jackie Finch, Gloria Keeley, Eric McMinoway, Kavin Chan, Kasey Wilken, Linda Naru, Dimuthu Tilakaratne, Cynthia Cobb, Tony Kerber, John Fudacz, Vanessa Peoples, Heather O’Leary

  • My-UI-Financials Phase 2 Project
    • Presentation
      • A presentation was given highlighting upcoming enhancements, a timeline of phase two, and major features
      • Discussion of possible features that could be added
      • Further discussion on how to create reports on specific data
  • ITPC
    • Updates
      • Current project highlights of the ITPC report were gone over
      • Current and upcoming mandatory projects were outlined
      • Mentioned that the biennial inventory is underway
      • Tests on mobile tools should take place in January
      • Noted that the UPB phone implementation had gone through and feedback from members was requested
      • Suggested that some people found the menu confusing
      • User stories for Capital Projects have been being created
      • Concern was voiced about sub-contractors not being able to access the system
  • Faculty Profiling Tool
    • Tools and Concerns
      • Noted that an announcement looking at options for a faculty profiling tool had gone out
      • Concern about who is making decisions, how it may overlap with other tools in different colleges, and whether it had been vetted was voiced
      • Suggested that other committees have been involved and had seen presentations on various tools
    • Recommendations
      • Suggested that there should be a better way for committees to communicate with each other
      • Noted that within SPH, the various ITGC reps do not necessarily communicate between themselves
      • The report of recommendations will be ready by the end of December