Research 09.01.16 Minutes



Sarah Hall, Dick Harris, Jacqueline Berger, Michael Hites, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Bob Sandusky, Dibyen Majumdar, Teresa Johnston, Clyde Wheeler, Himanshu Sharma, Colleen Kehoe, Annette Valenta, Heather O’Leary, Andy Boyd, Allen Randall,Secure HPCC Proposal


  • Big Data
      • An informational group has been formed to look at “big data” at UIC
      • A listserv was created and potentially interested people have been invited
      • Members were encouraged to subscribe and invite others
      • A need for administrative support for grant writing as well as a mechanism to support the growth of this group was expressed
      • Requested that the list of talks along with an invitation to the listserv be sent to the committee
  • Direction of the Committee in 2017
      • Members were asked to fill out a worksheet listing their priorities from a list of items
      • Recommendations will be compiled and brought for discussion at the next meeting
  • Research Computing
    • NSF MRI Award
      • Noted that a NSF MRI grant has been awarded for HPCC and another is being worked on for networking
      • A presentation on the success of the NSF grant was given
      • Discussion of fee for service rate structure
      • Discussion on how to announce HPCC progress
    • HPR Network Grant
      • A second proposal was submitted to build a high performance research network
      • Requirements and how to implement were gone over
      • Noted that through this network other local institutions would be able to access our HPCC
  • NIH Data Science Curriculum Development Grant
      • Noted that there is funding available under the BDK2 Education grant for coming up with curriculum on Big Data
      • Discussion on how to utilize this grant and who should be involved
      • Discussion of profiling tool and issues related to budget
  • ACCC Virtual Server Response Time
      • Suggested that there have been issues with response time
      • Suggested that service level agreements are being created and will be made public
      • Discussion of concerns related to time for tenure track faculty