Admin 08.30.16 Minutes


Cynthia Herrera-Lindstrom, Kelly Block (on the phone), Tony Kerber (on the phone), Gloria Keeley, Loretta Casey (on the phone), Jaclyn Finch (on the phone), Vanessa Peoples, Dick Harris (on the phone), Joseph Patzin, Monica Tith, Mike Kamowski (on the phone)

  • ITPC Update
    • ¬†Update
      • Noted that a meeting was held last week and nine projects were gone over
      • Details on each project were gone over
      • Discussion on staff members with self-supporting funds
      • Discussion on new systems being introduced within the next few years
      • Committee was asked which projects to prioritize from the ITPC report
      • Discussion of ITPC report process and prioritizing of projects
  • Old Business
    • Scheduling
      • The scheduling issue for future meetings was mentioned
      • Suggested to follow up on the Doodle poll to better accommodate each member