Research 05.05.16 Minutes


Ugo Buy, Andy Boyd, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Henrik Aratyn, Jacqueline Berger, Barbara Corpus, Min Yang, Coleen Kehoe, Ed Zawacki, Andy Johnson, Michael Hites, Daniel Touchette, Karen Dunn Lopez, Neil Bahroos, Dick Harris, Heather O’Leary

  • ACCC Rate and Funding Plan
    • Concern was expressed about the effect of self-sustaining services on research
    • ACCC is changing to a plan that charges units by FTE for a basic bundle
    • Suggested that the bundle includes services that everyone on campus needs
    • Discussion on which services would be covered by this new plan
    • Discussion on encryption costs and options
    • Suggested that the ITGC push for a central solution
    • Further discussion of other self-sustaining services that may affect research
  • New Business
    • Bandwidth Limitations on Internet Use by Faculty
      • Suggested that 6GB of bandwidth per day limit did not suffice all research faculty members
      • Suggested that exceptions can be made if faculty members request to be added to the unlimited bandwidth program
      • Suggested that, in the fall, the committee set up a mechanism for members to disseminate relevant information to their colleges
    • Institutional Support for Sharing Research Data
      • Concern was voiced about having support for sharing data and how to maintain these services on campus
      • Further discussion on best practices in sharing data and how the committee should address the issue
    • High Performance Computing Cluster Proposal
      • Suggested that the provost liked the proposal, but cannot fund it
      • The committee will continue to search for funding