Admin 04.27.16 Minutes


Jackie Finch, Linda Naru, Kevin Shalla, Mike Kirda, Joe Patzin, Frank Cervone, Andre Pavkovic, Dean Dang, Marcin Hiolski, Kathleen Engstrom, Phil Reiter, Mike Kamowski, Monica Tith, Ron Fernandez, Loretta Casey, Mark Goedert, Mint Simagrai, Chris Berndt, Lisa Blake, Mary Berta, Chris Barton, Bala Ramaraju, Kelly Block, Gloria Keeley, Anthony Marino, John Fudacz, Vanessa Peoples, Todd Van Neck, Heather O’Leary

  • Rate and Funding
    • Presentation
      • Presentation given on new IT Rate and Funding model
      • What the basic bundle will include was gone over
      • Discussion on how FTE count works, what is included in bundle, and how billing will work
      • Some self-supporting services that will incur costs outside the basic bundle were gone over
    • Discussion
      • Discussion on billing change
      • Costs for services outside of the bundle were questioned
      • Suggested that all costs will be included in units’ information packets
      • Suggested that adjusted rates will eventually go on ACCC website
      • Suggested that there will be SLAs for services outside of the bundle
      • Discussion on costs and rates for hospital and other campuses
      • How the numbers were determined was questioned
      • Discussion on list of FTEs
      • Discussion on annual review process
      • The ITGC will help prioritize services based on cost and need
      • Discussion on potential ways to cut costs
  • ITGC Evaluation
      • Noted that a faculty member has been engaged to evaluate the ITGC and determine how to improve
      • There will be a survey, focus groups, etc.
      • Noted that the ITPC is also going through a review process
  • Business Review Template
      • Template is complete, will be in use at the next meeting
  • ITPC Updates
      • The report for current Chicago projects was shared