Research 03.07.16 Minutes


Ugo Buy, Youngwook Song, Henrik Aratyn, Bob Sandusky, Allen Randall, Colleen Kehoe, Kim Lawless, Himanshu Sharma, Geen Tomko, Jackie Berger, Clyde Wheeler, Rich Minshall, Dick Harris, Karen Dunn Lopez, Neil Bahroos, Andy Boyd, Annette Valenta, Heather O’Leary

  • Updates and Announcements
    • Secure HPCC Proposal
      • Proposal has been sent to the provost and has been requested to be sent to the OVCR and DCHA
    • HIPAA
      • The covered entity for the HIPAAA Privacy and Security Official for U of I is being reviewed
      • The goal is to identify affected units by org code in order to automate the process of identifying who needs encryption
      • Discussion of existing HIPAA policies and the work being done to expand them
    • START myResearch
      • A presentation was given on the history and current status of the START myResearch project
      • Discussion of what has been done so far, with a focus on the RNUA application
      • Further discussion of IRB and project progress
      • Discussion of business manager role in the PI portal and related concerns
      • Discussion on the research portfolio, concerns, and work being done
      • A brief demo of the portal was then given
      • Members were encouraged to log into the portal to see what is available
    • Data Stewardship
      • Policy Discussion
        • Discussion on a research grant and data requirements and how to address new requirements in university policy
      • ITGC Data Governance Committee
        • Provost Poser made some suggestions on how the committee’s form and function
        • Discussion of how to address data concerns while waiting for group to launch
      • Data Science Initiative
        • This new initiative has been undertaken by three colleges: Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, and Engineering
        • Center is being built for data science research
        • Meeting went well, attendance was good, and interest was broad
        • There were concerns about infrastructure