Admin 02.25.16 Minutes


Gloria Keeley, Monica Tith, Youngwook Song, Mary Berta, Linda Naru, Kelly Block, Vanessa Peoples, Todd Van Neck, Jackie Finch, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Mint Simagrai, Eric McMinoway, Heather O’Leary


  • START myResearch
    • Presentation
      • Presentation on the history and current status of the START myResearch project
      • Discussion of the RNUA process and difficulties faced by end users
      • Further discussion of the IRB process and timeline
    • Demo
      • A demo of the portal was performed
      • Discussion on how access is granted
    • ITPC
      • Projects discussed at last meeting have been approved by the ITPC
      • Brief overview of approved projects was given
    • Business Process Review Template
      • The template has been worked on and is awaiting feedback, especially on making the form a fillable PDF
      • Discussion of specific sections
      • Discussion on how to define a “seamless process”
      • A final revision will be done and shared with the committee next month
    • Projects to Focus on
      • Suggested to revisit the status on some of the projects that were decided to be focused on a following up
      • Contacting various project managers to initiate contact with the committee was suggested
      • Project sponsors are being asked to attend a meeting to discuss in detail