Research 01.07.16 Minutes



Ugo Buy, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Allen Randall, Karen Dunn Lopez, Annette Valenta, Jackie Berger, Colleen Kehoe, Henrik Aratyn, Andy Johnson, Houshang Darabi, Barbara Corpus, Andy Boyd, Daniel Touchette, Dick Harris, Michael Hites, Heather O’Leary, Sara Hall, Bob Sandusky, Neil Bahroos

  • Information Items
    • Secure HPCC Proposal
      • Revisions were made and the revised proposal was presented to the Council who approved it, but suggested that it go, not only to the provost, but to VPHA and OVCR for review and potential funding
      • Discussion on how HPCC would function as well as funding options and what courses would use HPCC and it was suggested that additional information be sent to the provost.
  • Meeting Times for Spring 2016 Semester
    • Doodle Polls will be sent out to accommodate schedule conflicts
  • Data Stewardship
    • Concern was voiced about NIH and NSF guidelines regarding data access and suggested that new policies be created to address this and it was suggested that this may be a concern for the new Data Governance committee
    • Discussion on types of research and data affected as well as on infrastructure needs
    • Some of the new requirements and other possible changes were outlined and looking into NPRM was suggested