Research 11.05.15 Minutes



Cynthia Herrera-Lindstrom, Allen Randall, Colleen Kehoe, Henrik Aratyn, Karen Dunn-Lopez, Bill Hendrickson, Annette Valenta, Clyde Wheeler, Ed Zawacki, Bob Sandusky, Ugo Buy, Kim Lawless

  • VM and Clinical Data
    • ACCC Rate and Funding
      • Stated that the secure research environment was being tested and would soon be available for use and a web interface that would be used to access data collected from the environment was discussed
      • Charges related to rate and funding of the project as well as involvement of IRB and ORPS were discussed
      • Discussion on whether or not students would be able to access web interface and privacy of data on each machine
      • Concerns on security and protocol for data removal on machines were voiced
      • Suggested that a new service for data backup interface be provided rather than updating the old one
      • Discussion on communications plan
      • Possible changes to ACCC services were noted
      • Proposal for HIPAA and FERPA Compliance in HPCC
      • Suggested to have high-risk and sensitive data analyzed, transferred, and stored on a new infrastructure
      • Noted that the proposal would have to be ready for approval by the next meeting
      • Suggested to add another technical staff member for HPCC
      • Discussion on infrastructure needs and costs
      • Suggested to create a joint proposal with InfraSec
      • Discussion on how to draft proposal with a suggestion of using CUPPA
  • Old Business
    • Data Governance Committee
    • This fifth committee was discussed
  • New Business
    • NSF Grant
      • Suggested that Himanshu Sharma work on the proposal
      • Expanding HPCC was discussed