Education 02.03.15 Minutes


Saul Weiner, Carol Kamin, Anthony Marino, Heather O’Leary, Nathan Phillips, Janette Maldonado, Valerie Prater, Annie Armstrong, Olympia Kalagidis, Eric Gobel, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Lindsey Stolley, Mike Kamowski, Babette Neuberger, Elizabeth Romero, Josh Naylor, Michael Hites, Jack Fischer

  • Opening Remarks
    • Introduction of Nathan Phillips from College of Education
  • Learning Management System Governance Board
    • Meeting on February 27
      • Will be considering another LMS from Blackboard
      • Discussion of LMS
  • Subcommittee Updates
    • Personal Computing Devices
      • Group is putting together a comparison for a web-based student response system, selecting what would be best fit for UIC
      • Mobile Learning group is working to develop a Request for Proposal for units to apply and participate to get funding for fully mobile program in classrooms
      • These proposals have been submitted and approved, funding will be considered
    • Basic Principles
      • Research recommended practices for education technology to support students at UIC by linking instructors to tolls that support teaching by creating a website
    • Instructional Technology
      • Group is working to create a way for people on campus to submit ideas for new services and technology
      • Discussion of phase one and phase two of process
  • Old Business
    • Degree Audit Report System
      • Discussion of interest in extending the service to graduate students
      • There will be a presentation on this to the committee soon
      • Discussion of benefits and drawbacks of adding service
  • Subcommittees
    • Committees broke into subcommittees for remainder of meeting