Admin 01.29.16 Minutes


Loretta Casey, Cynthia Cobb, Kelly Block, Jackie Finch, Mary Berta, Linda Naru, Eric McMinoway, Dick Harris, Gloria Keeley, Dimuthu Tilakaratne, Todd Van Neck, John Fudacz, Vanessa Peoples Heather O’Leary


  • ITPC Update and Review
    • Current Project Updates
      • Both upcoming projects and projects that are already under way were shared
      • Proactive feedback was requested
      • Discussion on projects
      • Suggested that ITPC updates regularly go to all committees
    • ITPC Review
      • Noted that the ITPC is presenting to each governance group and requesting feedback
      • The feedback gained from last year was involved in the ITPC review
      • Discussion on project details and feedback process
      • Discussion on mutual beneficial relationship between ITPC and ITGC
      • Discussion on systems and how to improve
    • Business System Review Template
      • Review and discussion of suggested changes in the committee
      • The template will be updated and sent back to the committee