Research 01.08.15 Minutes


Ugo Buy, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Bob Sandusky, Allen Randall, Bill Hendrickson, Colleen Kehoe, Phil Reiter, Heather O’Leary, Houshang Darabi, Jackie Berger, Karen Dunn Lopez

  • IT Governance Summit
    • Discussion
      • Event will take place on March 10th
      • Results of the event will be recorded and shared with the governance groups
  • Committee Membership and Bylaws
    • Review
      • Current membership requirements listed in bylaws were reviewed
      • Suggestion that membership is lacking from many colleges, that academic groupings be reconsidered to create a broader representation of the campus
      • A subcommittee was suggested for creation to review & make recommendation
  • High Performance Computing Cluster
    • Future and Funding
      • Steering committee has begun to discuss future of HPCC
      • Discussion of concerns about current use, future costs, issues with scheduling
      • Discussion of changing technology and repercussions
      • Suggestion of hiring a development officer and/or creating a service model
    • Hiring
      • HPCC has had trouble hiring people through Civil Service to support HPCC
      • A domain specialist will eventually be needed
  • Storage and Access to Center for Clinical & Translational Science Data
    • Updates
      • No change from last meeting for Institutional Review Board protocol
      • Once grant request is over for CCTS grant, a request will be put back to the IRB to use the Virtual Machine for CCTS data
      • VM will be allowed once IRB approves
      • Discussion of funding requirements and how to implement the plan
      • Overview of VM/Cloud environment
      • Discussion of how to make data available and secure
      • Creation of new subcommittee to create a list of criteria and a plan to move forward with the VM to give to the IRB