Research 12.04.14 Minutes


Ugo Buy, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Allen Randall, Andy Boyd, Bob Sandusky, Frank Vasquez, Joanna Brigret, Andy Johnson, Linda Skitka, Phil Reiter, Clyde Wheeler, Annette Valenta, Henrik Aratyn, Karen Dunn Lopez, Houshang Darabi, Bill Hendrickson, Coleen Kehoe, Jan Verschelde, Al Schorsch, Jackie Berger

  • Center for Clinical & Translational Science Data Virtual Machine
    • Virtual Machine and Campus Resources
      • VM environment presented to Institutional Review Board by ACCC
      • IRB accepted it was a secure environment, approved for five research protocols
      • Approval withdrawn on CCTS PI’s behalf—she wanted approval of all potential solutions at once
      • Consideration of putting forth proposals and recommendations for solutions and VM needs
      • Issue with the environment: IRB received one proposal, the VM lists two options
      • Consideration of amending the protocol to allow for additional environments
      • Discussion of Redcap vs. VM
      • Goal is to prove that data can be stored and analyzed in a secure environment
      • VM is moving ahead to meet immediate needs
      • Discussion of money and staffing needed to maintain current HPCC
      • Approved Motion: Motion for committee to support ACCC’s plan to supply secure campus resources, including high performance computing and virtual environment, for secure transfer, analysis, and storage of high risk data in a collaborative environment by the end of FY16 was approved
      • Approved Motion: Motion for committee to endorse the concept of institutionally-supported and managed, UIC-wide access to the Clinical Research Data Warehouse was approved
  • Survey and Priorities
    • Discussion
      • Survey must be sent out again (was previously sent with a corrupted link)
      • Presentation and discussion of 70 current results
      • Consensus is that current resources need to be better advertised
      • Discussion of Wi-Fi issues and a plan to improve as part of IT strategic roadmap
  • Bylaws/Membership
    • Discussion
      • Description of proofs that InfraSec committee went through to amend their bylaw membership
      • Created a subcommittee (to review) with a goal to create equal representation across campus and fewer ACCC voting members