Admin 05.29.14 Minutes


Tony Kerber, Gloria Keely, Monica Tith, Dimuthu Tilakaratne, John Fyfe, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Vanessa Peoples, Loretta Casey, Rich Alpern, Kelly Block, Mike Kamowski, Heather O’Leary, Mint Simagrai, Dick Harris, Jack McEnery, Jackie Finch, Mary Berta, Al Schorsch, Todd Van Neck

  • Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC)
    • Monthly Update
      • Quarterly meeting, the last of the fiscal year, occurred on May 28th
      • Discussions involved mainly maintenance issues for the following fiscal year
      • Updates and discussion of various projects: Kuali Coeus, Tableau, etc.
      • TEM review has been completed
  • Business Processes
    • Discussion
      • Goal is to determine the final list of recommendations
      • Discussion of proposals
    • Discussion of Recommendation #5
      • Discussion of the ITPC process
      • Consideration of how training components in the process could be improved
      • Discussion of business process system training: funding, implementation, etc.
      • Discussion of training logistics
    • Summarization of Proposals
      • Consideration that UIC should experiment with innovative crowdsourcing/knowledge-sharing methods
      • Discussion of how to do this with listservs
      • Consideration of putting more resources into training
      • Discussion of mandating a minimum level of training for new users/new systems
      • Consideration of the best ways to implement training
    • Conclusion
      • Previous discussions will be taken into consideration when drafting final recommendations
      • Recommendation #5 will survive
      • Recommendations will be distilled into a first draft for feedback by committee
      • Draft will be posted to Box for comments