Admin 03.20.14 Minutes


Mary Berta, Kelly Block, Dibyen Majumdar, Linda Naru, Gloria Keeley, John Fyfe, Mike Kamowski, Tony Kerber, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Rich Alpern, Dick Harris, Todd Van Neck, Jackie Finch, Vanessa Peoples, Al Schorsch

  • Business Processes Discussion
    • Introduction
      • Consideration of dropping off items 1 and 6 from Business Systems Strategy
      • Discussion of the original document, recommendations 1 & 6, and the decision to continue with only four recommendations
      • Consideration of pros and cons of shared/central services
      • Discussion of individual department needs
    • Discussion
      • Discussion on whether or not there is a specific systems project that has not been tackled, and what examples could possibly be cited for improvement
      • Discussion of pain points that end users experience
      • A list was created on which systems cause issues daily, and could be improved
      • Consideration of other needs/projects that have been articulated before
      • Weighing of pros and cons on importance of each item on the list
      • Three more potential recommendations are needed to validate
      • The list will be taken to the units in the hopes of more input
      • More discussion followed of the pain points of various systems
      • Consideration of extending April meeting to discuss three remaining items