Education 03.04.14 Minutes


Michael Prais, Anthony Marino, Heather O’Leary, Francis Schlemmer, Olympia Kalagidis, Ernesto Reyna, Valerie Prater, Annie Armstrong, Josh Naylor, Saul Weiner, Mike Lund, Phyllis Hayes, Michael Hites, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom


  • Update from Subcommittees
    • E0004- Personal Computing Devices (PCD)
      • Research was analyzed from other institutions for evidence of current efforts
      • Findings are mostly iPad-focused
      • e-Texts and student response systems are being analyzed
      • Discussion followed of various related initiatives at UIC and elsewhere
    • E0005- Basic Principles
      • Brainstorm of ideas for basic principles, what should be considered
      • Committee is whittling down ideas to those that seem most important and have the best structure
      • Discussion of next steps
      • Consideration of creating a useful website to provide resources to instructors
    • E0006- Services and Support
      • Discussion of what the subcommittee wants to accomplish
      • Current focus is on processes and procedures for submissions of request for services and support
      • Consultation with AITS for assistance
      • Focus should be on what resources are available
      • Goal is to have a process by which people on campus can make requests, and have the form to do so
      • Consideration of what mechanism to use to do this
      • Consideration of financial resources, capacity, and effectiveness
  • Subcommittee Meetings
    • Committee broke into three subcommittees for additional meetings