Admin 02.27.14 Minutes


Jeanie Thomas, John Fyfe, Kelly Block, Tony Kerber, Dibyen Majumdar, Todd Van Neck, Heather O’Leary, Albert Schorsch, Mary Berta, Loretta Casey, Mike Kamowski, Mandy Bodine, Joe Morelos, Gloria Keely, Rich Alpern, Therese Molina, Monica Tith, Jack McEnery, Jackie Finch, Vanessa Peoples

  • ITPC Report
    • Discussion of projects
      • Mandatory projects such as Prodagio, BOXI, and Banner were discussed
      • Updates from the service desk and Disability Resource Center
      • Discussion of employee training analysis and implications
      • Discussion on status of ad hoc report conversion projects
  • HireTouch Task Force Report
    • Overview
      • Copy of report was sent to HR
      • Review of response
    • System Recommendations
      • Many issues of concern have been and will be addressed in the newer versions of HireTouch
      • An upgrade is coming within the next couple months, testing will also occur
      • Discussion of updates in the task force, and what still needs to be done
    • Support Recommendations
      • Support-based recommendations were outlined
      • Discussion of difference between this and system-based recommendations
      • Discussion of the next steps, on strategizing the most efficiently
  • Business Systems Discussion
    • Three to four recommendations are being drafted based on the January discussion
      • Discussion of creating more recommendations to send to the Council
      • Discussion of tailoring proposals to the ITGC proposal process
    • Emphasis on the importance of having a broad input from the committee