Research 02.06.14 Minutes


Henrik Aratyn, Andrew Boyd, Barbara Corpus, Jay Dean, William Hendrickson, Karen Dunn Lopez, Bob Sandusky, Clyde Wheeler, Renee Black, Annette Valenta

  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
    • Updates
      • Ribbon cutting ceremony took place on January 29th
      • Cluster is now awaiting quotes for expansion
      • Discussion of next steps
      • Consideration of focusing on storage next
  • Institutional Stewardship of Data (ISD) Subcommittee
    • Update
      • Report on capstone of the four areas of ISD will be prepared for initial review
    • Data Management/Data Curation (DM/DC)
      • Report on proposal for DM/DC service for campus was presented
      • Discussion on specifics and importance of proposal
      • Discussion of a capability maturity model
      • Consideration of risks and benefits of not implementing a data mgmt plan
      • Discussion on how to set up governance for DM/DC
      • Consideration of who needs to be involved in creating data mgmt plans
      • Discussion of possible timeline, related issues, and cost estimates
    • Next Steps
      • Suggestion that group continues to pull together this report
      • After completion, report will be combined with similar efforts
      • Combined efforts will represent comprehensive review by the ISD
  • New Business/Campus Activities
    • Goal is to send out survey for researchers in the fall, get feedback, and determine priorities for next year
    • Brief discussion on the faculty profile tool initiative and Kuali Coeus project