InfraSec 12.11.13 Minutes


Heather O’Leary, Lisa Blake, Therese Molina, Alex Stern, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Andre Pavkovic, Kevin Price, Jason Maslanka, Craig Jackson, Phil Reiter, Marcin Hiolski, Jay Dean, Ian Huggins, Ed Zawacki, Mike Kirda, Kevin Shalla, Chris Barton, Dean Dang, Johnathan Kupferer, Brian Ng, Ilir Zenku, Mark Goedert, Allen Randall, Portia White, Shannon Redden, Doug McCarthy, Yilmaz Bal, Chris Conoboy

  • Information/Updates
    • Risk Assessment Update
      • Breakdown of how this will proceed in the colleges
    • Backup Solutions
      • Consideration of a new backup solution for reporting purposes in AHS
      • Discussion of creating a subcommittee to solve this issue
      • Approved Motion: Motion to form subcommittee with M. Kirda as chair to consider new campus backup solutions was approved
    • InfraSec Priorities
      • Discussion of prioritization and implementation
      • Discussion of funding
  • Items for Vote
    • IT Procedures, Guidelines, and Standards
      • Presentation given on new ITGC Policies and Procedures Report
      • Renamed “UIC IT Security Program”
      • Discussion of recent focus on the best tools needed for policies’ implementation
      • Approved Motion: Motion to endorse these new policies was approved
    • Voting and Bylaws Recommendations to Council
      • Discussion on role of non-voting members
      • Idea that ACCC director designates can appoint someone from ACCC to vote
      • Consensus that non-voting members who do not represent a significant constituent should still serve as experts and advisors
      • Approved Motion: Motion to allow ACCC director designates to appoint someone from ACCC to vote, and for non-voting members in meetings to serve as experts/advisors, was approved
    • VDI Recommendation
      • Reviewed proposals for possible Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions
      • Discussion of the two-step implementation process for solutions