Education 12.03.13 Minutes


Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Saul Weiner, Heather O’Leary, Josh Naylor, Abbas Hyderi, Valerie Prater, Sandy De Groote, Mike Kamowski, Rob Dixon, Michael Hites, Francis Schlemmer, Michael Prais, Mike Lund, Dave Taeyaerts, Ernesto Reyna, Jack Fischer, Annie Armstrong, Michael Scott

  • Approval of Subcommittee Charges
    • Breakdown of how the subcommittees/committee dichotomy will operate
    • E0004 Personal Computing Devices
      • Discussed possibility of breaking this into two subcommittees
      • Suggestions to start identifying practices, with a list of concerns for later charge
    • E0005 Basic Principles for Teaching with Technology
      • Focused on two tasks: marketing and research
      • Approved Motion: Motion to create subcommittee with title, changes discussed, and a focus on identifying was approved
    • E0006 Instructional Technology Services and Support
      • Discussion of charge, its focus was narrowed to prevent it from being too broad
      • Discussion of creating an application for proposing new technology on campus
      • Reiteration on importance of developing/formalizing a process for evaluating instructional technologies for campus
  • Discussion of Blackboard with the Registrar
    • Discussed issues with students added on Blackboard, but not registered for the class
    • Discussed possibilities of syncing Blackboard with an auto-grading connection, as requested by faculty members for easier grade submittal processes
    • Examined different issues/problems related to Blackboard
      • Elaborated on issue with unregistered students on Blackboard for classes
      • Discussed potential reasons why it is necessary for this to occur
      • Discussed grade loading options and faculty accessibility options