Admin 11.21.13 Minutes


Dibyen Majumdar, Heather O’Leary, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Aaron Walz, Al Schorsch, Linda Naru, Monica Tith, Richard Alpern, John Fyfe, Jeanie Thomas, Kelly Block, Jackie Kalan, Therese Molina, Loretta Casey, Jack McEnery, Vanessa Peoples, Khushboo Sharma

  • ITPC
    • November Report
      • Update of current ITPC projects
  • Risk Assessment
    • Discussion of keeping IT secure
      • Goal of implementing campus-wide assessments to help ensure security
    • Presentation on McGladery
      • Discussion of different types of risks
      • Matter of assessing new IT security policies
      • Discussion on importance of classifying all data on campus
  • START/myResearch Project
    • Discussion on mechanics of this research administration process
      • Discussion of concerns/recommendations
      • Discussion of addressing concerns from committee members