Admin 10.31.13 Minutes


Mary Berta, Gloria Keeley, Todd Van Neck, Heather O’Leary, Herminio Morelos, Jackie Finch, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Jackie Finch, John Fyfe, Al Schorsch. Monica Tith, Mint Simagrai, Jim Bono, Kelly Block, Dick Harris, Tony Kerber, Jeanie Thomas, Khushboo Sharma, Aaron Walz, Vanessa Peoples, Jack McEnery

  • ITPC
    • October Report
      • Update of current ITPC projects
  • Business Processes
    • Discussion on how to prioritize in recommendation sent to IT Governance Council
      • Consideration of goals
      • Question of when implementing user input is most effective
      • Discussion of how the existing ITPC process could be changed
      • Discussion of role ITGC should play in IT project review and approval process
  • TEM Review
    • Discussion of final focus group creation and meeting
    • Discussion of a need for more campus representation within financial subcommittee