Research 10.03.13 Minutes


Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Houshang Darabi, Henrik Aratyn, Jan Verschelde, Allen Randall, Chang-Ming Hsieh, David Ibrahim, Barbara Di Eugenio, Andy Boyd, Jaqueline Berger, Jay Dean, Dick Harris, Annette Valenta, Heather O’Leary, Michael Hites, Clyde Wheeler, Jan Novakofski

  • Kuali Coeus (KC)
    • Presentation given on this system used for electronically managing research
      • Discussion of Electronic Research Administration software
      • Consideration of implementing KC
      • Discussion of system-wide training
    • Discussion of hiring for the project
      • Current plan is to build system in steps
      • Concerns were expressed on using multiple systems for submitting proposals
      • Discussion on configuring KC dashboard to be more user-friendly and simpler
      • Discussion of requirements and integration
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
    • Operating system is working; everything is completed
      • Researchers will be on the cluster by October 15th
      • Ribbon cutting ceremony is imminent
  • Institutional Stewardship of Data (ISD)
    • Scopes of the following subcommittees were reaffirmed:
      • Data Management/Data Curation
      • Data Management and Security
      • Regulations and Mandates
  • Campus Profiling Tools Selection
    • Discussion of a document that includes a list and profile of all the tools that have been considered for campus profiling
      • Most important features were analyzed and will be finalized imminently
      • Discussion on possibility of having a ‘one stop shop’ where links could go online
    • Discussion of stakeholders
      • The varying needs/wants of the different stakeholders (administrators, faculty, etc.) were analyzed and discussed
      • Discussion of its use in streamlining the promotion and tenure process
      • Discussion of its use in accessing data pertinent to promotion and tenure