Education 10.01.13 Minutes


Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Saul Weiner, Michael Scott, Valerie Prater, Michael Hites, Ernesto Reyna, Dave Taeyaerts, Anthony Marino, Annie Armstrong, Michael Prais, Heather O’Leary, Josh Naylor, Babette Neuberger, Abbas Hyderi, Sunil Tilokani

  • Blackboard Upgrade
    • Blackboard is being upgraded on December 20th
      • Upgrade will occur at end of day, continue for 48 hours (maximum)
      • There will be a communications plan for feedback, surveys, and help
  • ITGC Process
    • Discussion of a more streamlined process for IT governance that is in development
      • Will include templates and protocols for documenting recommendations from subcommittees and passing up proposals to Council and the Provost
      • A process to request feedback from the Council and Provost will also be added
      • Discussion of prioritization and timeline related to the ITGC Process, Subcmte Proposal Packet, and the ITGC Cmte Proposals Form
  • Priorities
    • Discussion of Setting Priorities
      • Went over a list of items that will be considered priorities for next year
    • Student Issue
      • Because of changes being made on campus to tools that students don’t use, it was suggested to send out a survey to get stats on how students feel about this
    • Mobile Devices
      • Discussion of whether or not campus should support the use of personal mobile devices as learning tools
      • Considered pros and cons, assessed how this could be accomplished
    • Instructional Technology Services and Support
      • Discussed potential of a subcommittee looking at what tools are available to instructors, and what the costs and benefits are of them
      • Discussion of available resources and how to address other services
      • Discussion of Blackboard, which professors/courses need to be effective in
      • Considered how to recommend training without mandating it for faculty
    • Creating Subcommittees
      • Consideration of how to divide priorities into subcommittees
      • Discussion of drafting charges for the three subcommittees