InfraSec 09.11.13 Minutes


Kevin Shalla, Ed Zawacki, Phil Reiter, Portia White, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Mike Kirda, Bala Ramaraju, Marcin Hiolski, Lee Katman, Jason Maslanka, Todd Nelson, Craig Jackson, Andre Pavkovic, Yilmaz Bal, Jay Dean, Brian Ng, Mark Goedert, Johnathan Kupferer, Kevin Price, Kevin Monahan, Shannon Reden, Therese Molina, Alex Stern, Himanshu Sharma, Bob Sandusky, Dean Dang, Heather O’Leary, Chris Barton

  • Information/Updates
    • SitePublish Web Services
      • Discussion of SitePublish as a hosting/content management system for UIC web development, and its integration at UIC
    • Resource Calendaring and Integration
      • Discussion of acquiring a new vendor for purposes of room scheduling
  • Items for Vote
    • Identity Access Management (IAM) and NetID Renaming
      • A decision from the IAM committee on the NetID naming policy has not yet been made
      • A recommendation for a NetID creation policy, as part of IAM, was brought forward to the InfraSec Committee
      • Approved Motion: Motion to send NetID recommendation forward to the Council with the intention of passing it on to IAM committee was approved
    • Risk Management
      • Discussion of using McGladery for risk assessment
      • Approved Motion: Recommendation on using McGladery for purposes of risk assessment was approved
  • Service Change Request
    • Service Status
      • A request from the August meeting to add VOIP and wireless statuses is currently being worked on
      • Systems statuses can currently be viewed, but services cannot
  • Ongoing Priorities
    • Office 365
      • Discussion of implementing Office 365 and email/security concerns
  • New Business
    • High Performance Computing Update
      • The cluster will be available to researchers in early October
      • A webpage is being created to request forms, etc.
    • Wireless Authentication Upgrade
      • Due to capacity of devices/connections for fall semester being much higher than anticipated, networks are working to increase wireless capacity/upgrade AP’s
      • A new radius server was added to help alleviate wireless network issues