IT Governance Council 09.24.13 Minutes


Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Michael Hites, Ilir Zenku, Janet Parker, Phil Reiter, Saul Weiner, Ginny Schroeder, Dean Oyama, Annette Valenta, Mary Case, Dibyen Majumdar, Danielle Leibowitz, Terri Weaver

  • WTC Consulting Presentation
    • Final presentation on the IT Strategic Plan
      • Focused on the preliminary rate and funding plan
      • Outlined options and cost estimates for each
      • Discussion of the service bundle and its implications
  • Cyber Security
    • October is National Cyber Security Month
      • Security campaign posters with tips will be posted around campus
  • ITGC Process
    • Three documents were presented: ITGC Process, ITGC Subcmte Proposal Packet, and ITGC Cmte Proposals Form
      • Intention of these documents is to create a consistent, streamlined process for proposals to be created, prioritized, and sent forward
      • Feedback mechanisms from the Provost and Council will be included
      • Process will be implemented this year
      • Discussion of documents, recommendations for improvement
      • Consideration of preventing unnecessary duplication of efforts
  • InfraSec Updates
    • Risk Assessment
      • Subcommittee is working to determine risk assessment and policy on campus
      • Reviewed proposal from vendor
      • Put forward a recommendation to move forward with proposal
      • Approved Motion: Motion to the proposal to the Provost was approved
    • NetID Recommendation to Identity Access Management
      • Discussion of voting issue that came up when NetID recommendation was put up for a vote
      • Consideration of addressing abstentions
      • Explanation of the recommendation
      • Approved Motion: Motion to present the recommendation to IAM was approved