Admin 08.29.13 Minutes


Vanessa Peoples, Mike Kamowski, Tony Kerber, Gloria Keeley, Dick Harris, Aaron Walz, Kelly Block, Jackie Finch, Jim Bono, Loretta Casey, John Morelos, John Fyfe, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Todd Van Neck, Jack McEnery, Mary Berta, Mint Simagrai, Jackie Kalan, Linda Naru

  • Business Processes
    • Discussion of articulating strategies for the business systems of the institution
      • Decision to break up into small groups for discussion
      • Reconvened and discussed findings in the entire committee
    • Summary of Topics
      • Discussion of what stage of a project that user input is best collected
      • Discussion of how this will improve the existing ITPC process
      • Consideration of the role that IT Governance Council should play in the IT project review and approval process
      • Debate on whether or not different mechanisms are needed to represent different types of end users
      • Consideration of degree to which this is a matter of training and documentation, as well as availability, quality, and mode of resources needed
      • Questions of scaling, possibility of adopting a different organizational model
      • Discussion of primary ‘pain points’ experienced as a user of admin. info systems
      • Articulation of principles to help guide systems projects that reflect users’ interests and needs