InfraSec 08.14.13 Minutes


Phil Reiter, Craig Jackson, Ed Zawacki, Lisa Blake, Mike Kirda, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Andre Pavkovic, Kevin Shalla, Chris Barton, John Wolosuk, Therese Molina, Bala Ramaraju, Yilmaz Bal, Mark Goedert, Kevin Price, Jason Maslanka, Jay Dean, Jason Woo, Dean Dang, Mat Willis, Brian Ng, Ashok Benet, Heather O’Leary

  • Subcommittee Updates
    • Security Policy
      • Should have a deliverable draft of working policy and guidelines to support it by September 19th
    • Risk Management
      • Risk assessment is in its final stages
      • Assessment will start with two colleges as a pilot, and then expand to the whole campus
    • Digital Signage
      • Currently looking at Industry Weapon
      • Working to get all data centralized into one place
    • Audio Visual Support
      • Discussion of all three campuses being involved in creating standard configurations for conference rooms, etc.
  • ACCC Updates
    • Office 365
      • Microsoft bug has been worked out
      • A project timeline is being put together to share with InfraSec
    • Service Status
      • Discussion of ACCC’s service status page
      • Suggestion of adding wireless service updates
    • Storage
      • Discussion on getting a better idea of departmental archive needs
  •  IT Strategic Plan
    • WTC gave presentation on current status of strategic plan
  • ITGC Proposal Process
    • A new proposal process is being developed to address subcommittees and how to submit proposals for the purpose of expediency and consistency
  • IT Job Model
    • A proposed IT Job Model is being developed to address the issue of needing different levels for job titles