IT Governance Council 07.02.13 Minutes


Michael Hites, Mary Case, Phil Reiter, Annette Valenta, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Dibyen Majumdar, Terri Weaver, Dean Oyama, Ginny Schroder, Ann-Marie Lancaster, Saul Weiner, Pete Nelson, Heather O’Leary

  • IT Strategic Planning Update – WTC Consulting
    • Rehash of the presentation on current status of UIC IT Strategic Planning process
      • Discussion of the distributed IT survey
      • Discussion of servers, related security risks, and funding
      • Consideration of regional campuses and their inclusion in IT services
  • ITGC Bylaw Amendment
    • A bylaw amendment was proposed to rethink the chair nomination process
      • Approved Motion: Motion to accept bylaw amendment was approved
    • Timeline
      • Suggestions of creating a timeline/process for prioritizing proposals
      • Different approaches were pitched, discussed, and considered
      • Discussion on importance of supporting, implementing, and enforcing policies
      • Discussion of integrating systems and services with the medical center
      • Discussion of a shared email system, and the project’s current status