Education 05.14.13 Minutes


Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Michael Hites, Babette Neuberger, Michael Prais, Saul Weiner, Heather O’Leary, Francis Schlemmer, Anthony Marino, Dave Taeyaerts, Dolly Weber, Susanne Rott, Diana Wilkie, Valerie Prater, Annie Armstrong

  • Strategic Planning Process
  • Presentation of “Strategic Planning Process” document
    • Plan outlined of two subcommittees working as a whole for strategic planning
    • Subcommittees will function separately from teaching and learning center project
    • Iteration that the plan relates to the student success initiative
    • Discussion of pros and cons of utilizing subcommittees for this process, focusing on how they will work and prioritize
    • Consideration of subcommittees working as an online process
    • Addressing Subcommittee Issue
      • The majority of committee members voted to do visioning first as a group, and then do subcommittees reviews of tech and faculty development objectives
      • Survey Discussion
        • A need for coordination was discussed in the number of surveys sent to faculty
        • Solutions were considered on how to make surveys more effective and efficient