InfraSec 05.08.13 Minutes


Mike Kirda, Jason Maslanka, Mark Goedert, Marcin Hiolski, Yilmaz Bal, Kevin Price, Amin Kassem, Andre Pavkovic, Jay Dean, Phil Reiter, Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Kevin Shalla, Johnathan Kupferer, Ed Zawacki, La Don Reed, Gene Fruit, Jack Gallagher, Mat Willis, Bala Ramaraju, Ashok Bennett, Heather O’Leary, Craig Jackson, Chris Barton, Alex Stern

  • Subcommittee Updates
    • Digital Signage
      • Discussion of standardizing digital signage and adding more members to the group
    • Mobile
      • Looking at vendor options for providing a mobile app
    • Risk Management
      • Have a model set up –  looking to apply it to campus, college, and unit levels
    • Security Policy
      • Working on procedures and implementation of policies
      • Need to determine how to provide security training
  • ACCC Updates
    • Antivirus
      • The campus will continue with Symantec, but also have Microsoft option
    • Emergency Call Contacts
      • Discussion of the possibility of collecting cell phone number for emergency contact purposes
  • Identity Access Management
    • Discussion of the NetID Generation process
  • IT Strategic Plan
    • WTC Consultants prepared some network configuration options, which were presented to the committee
  • Lecture Capture Affinity Group/AV Committee
    • This group has focused on lecture capture, but is now expanding to AV in general
    • Discussion of involving InfraSec in the process of setting AV standards for campus
  • Training and Shared Knowledge Base
    • Proposal of a common system to share IT Knowledge across campus