IT Governance Council 05.07.13 Minutes


Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Mike Kirda, Terri Weaver, Pete Nelson, Sandy De Groote, Ilir Zenku, Annette Valenta, Dibyen Majumdar, Frank Goldberg, Michael Hites, Mary Case, Ann-Marie Lancaster, Ginny Schroeder, Heather O’Leary

  • Network Configuration – WTC Consulting
    • ITGC is working as a steering committee for IT Strategic Planning process led by WTC
      • WTC met previously with the Data Network Working Group and presented some alternative network options
      • Discussions of focusing on initial cost, then working out timeline and funding
  • Committee Chair Updates
    • InfraSec – Security Policy Group
      • Group is working on setting a timeline for implementation of policies and procedures over a three year rollout
      • Consideration of optimal training methods
      • Discussion of integrating an online training portal
      • Need for a data classification process was highlighted
    • Research
      • Working with InfraSec in dealing with stewardship of data
      • Should be a template in place by September for relevant grants
  • TechTeach@UIC Conference Update
    • Conference sessions have been selected and confirmed
      • Drafted schedule will be posted on the TechTeach website next week
  • Committee Chair Nominations
    • Discussions on mechanics of chair nominations